Is there anything we can do to disrupt the life and business disruption we are currently experiencing? Is there a positive force to pull us up and help us move forward? Disruptive talent might be the answer.

COVID-19 era is undoubtedly a time of disruption!

Post-COVID-19 consequences are going to entirely alter our lives and our businesses. They have already done so in many aspects!

The question remains: is there anything we can do about it?

Well, yes, if we leave behind the infeasible dream of “going back to normal”. There is no going back. And there is no previous normal to be re-established, too.

A new era, new circumstances, new rules, new fears, new hopes, new realities, new trends. Very few of them are predictable. We have started living and making business in new, unclear, non-final conditions. And it will continue to be so for long.

So, we had better get used to this uncertainty and find out what is needed to: a. survive and b. thrive. Because no mentally healthy human being is happy just to survive. We need to thrive, we want to thrive, we can thrive to lead a fulfilling life!

How do we achieve this?

I would propose: by thinking in silence, by recalling the very truths of human accomplishments over centuries, by evoking the direct effect of the same values that led humanity in previous times of major disruption in life and business.

We are all fed up with listening, reading, and talking about ways to “get over” this global calamity. Therefore, I have chosen to briefly and humbly present my proposed list* of attributes in order to be able to survive and thrive during these unprecedentedly tough times (no priority order applied). Each attribute is accompanied by a kind “prompting” suggestion. So, here we are:

1. Humility

do not overestimate your splendor; there are lots of other splendorous beings on earth

2. Empathy

leave your feet out of your shoes for a while; get in the other people’s shoes and try to realize how they feel

3. Adaptability

instead of trying to change the world to suit you, attempt to change yourself to fit to the world

4. Learning eagerness

there’s always much more to learn out there than what-you-already-know

5. Curiosity

noticing what’s going on around you is a useful habit

6. Ambition

there are no limits to progress, only progress to limits

7.    Agility

roll up, roll over, roll fast, roll smoothly, roll cautiously

8.    Collaboration

greatest accomplishments are achieved WITH people

9.    Innovation

just imagine out of your convenience box; you cannot imagine what you’ll be able to imagine

10. Decisiveness

make use of your guts even if you think you’re not born with any

11. Self-disruptiveness

none is more appropriate than you to redesign your new-self

The above 12 attributes constitute what I call a disruptive talent, which, in my opinion, can be the effective human answer to present and future “COVID-like”-disasters, that will help us overcome the evil and set up a NEW life and business equilibrium.

*the list of the 12 attributes of a disruptive talent is the outcome of a ridiculously rich combination of mistakes, successes, experiences, (own and not-own) lessons learned, together with shockingly new realities and trends recently observed in the world.