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CEL Founder
Senior Business Advisor


Adopting a holistic approach of leadership in the new digitally transforming era, becoming a Compassionate Entrepreneurial Organizer (in other words understanding & taking challenges in a structured way) is a must for every leader who appreciates her role and wants to advance her business and the people involved.


Compassionate Entrepreneurial Leadership is a “sine qua non” * component for Healthy, Growing & Inspiring (HGI) organizations.
Without this type of Leadership there is no HGI organization.

What exactly is CEL?

CEL stands for Compassionate Entrepreneurial Leadership.
To exercise CEL a leader needs to become a CEO (Compassionate
Entrepreneurial Organizer)
. This particular type of CEO adopts concrete manners, assumes specific attitudes and, in general, exercises a well-defined set of operational behaviors based on an effective combination of human approach with business orientation.

A CEO Leader is at the same time a Compassionate Leader, an Entrepreneurial Leader, and an Organizer Leader. Each one of these three components includes very concrete attributes and describes one of the three vital behavior pillars of the CEO Leader.

A Compassionate Leader is an authentic person who listens, understands, and empathizes with other people in her team and/or organization. She is also a role model who inspires people to bring out the best of their selves.

An Entrepreneurial Leader is open-in-mind and open-to-challenges and never misses the target of the company’s well-being and growth, working consistently for a long-term sustainable success.

An Organizing Leader is a structured, efficient, and effective leader who delivers high value results through operationally effective approaches.

Writer of the book
“Secrets of success for family businesses in the new era”