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We’ve crafted intuitive tools that mean users can onboard in minutes. The LEVELUP theme is designed with stunning attention to detail, making it easy for anyone to jump in.

Promote Your Business

Feel like a professional designer and developer. You can create a professional business website or your own portfolio with LEVELUP in just a few clicks, with no coding required and at low cost!

Beautiful Pages That Convert More

While websites are great for information and research, they do turn traffic into revenue. With LEVELUP you can create and optimize landing pages and test your hepatitis easily and quickly.

Start Selling Online

Want to start selling online on your own, but don’t know where to start? LEVELUP is integrated with the most popular e-commerce plug-in WooCommerce, it will give you a quick start.

Over 1000+ theme options and many amazing, useful shortcodes and unique settings for the WPBakery Page Builder.

One of the advantages is flexible costumization that gives you the opportunity to configure even the smallest details of the appearance of your site without programming knowledge. Tons of features give you the creative freedom to make a business website or your own portfolio that’s truly unique.

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Stunning Pre-Built Websites and Pages. Choose and install with one click.

An important factor is what your site will look like, whether it is a financial analyst or auto repair services, the design and usability of it is very important. That’s why we develop for you unique templates for different business. It’s as simple as possible. Choose a template, update its content and your website is ready.

60+ Pre-Built Websites and Pages
with 1-click Installation

Combine Usability, Functionality & Beautiful Web Design

Users very rarely land on a website to admire the design. With the minimum of fuss, they're either looking for information or to perform a particular task. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't make your site look great!

The new LevelUp WordPress Theme is the perfect example of usability best practices in action combined with the latest design trends and powerful functionality.

Paul Andrew - Envato Market, Content Writer & Editor

Paul Andrew | Envato Market

Main Features

Below we have presented only a small list of functions and features that are included in the LEVELUP theme. We have tried to select the most necessary ones that will help your business.

One-click Installation

You can start from scratch or choose from over 60 pre-built websites or pages to make your own website. The one-click template installation feature makes it quick and convenient.

WooCommerce Compatibility

In the theme LEVELUP we have provided integration with WooCommerce – a flexible open-source commerce solution built on WordPress. WooCommerce allows small and medium-sized businesses to create exactly the store they want and sell online.

SEO-Ready & Mobile Friendly

Your web-site will look stunning on every screen. Optimized templates for SEO will give you the opportunity to promote your business in search engines faster and better.


Good typography not only makes us read, but also makes us feel, it allows the user to focus on the content, and it affects how it is understood and perceived. Typography can establish the identity of your product and improve the overall user experience.

Fully Customizable

Fully customizable – this means that you have enough tools to customize your site the way you want it, without writing any additional code. This applies to both the site structure and design, as well as to individual pages.

One Page

A “One Page” is a one-page website without additional pages, such as About, Team or Services. All content is within a single web page, usually in long scroll format. This allows the visitor to make a quicker decision than sending it to a large site with multiple pages and options.

Parallax Effect and Video Background

The parallax effect, called parallax scrolling, is when the background moves slower than in the foreground, creating the illusion of depth. When applied correctly, it looks good on web pages. Don’t forget about video backgrounds, it also has an excellent effect, but without any interaction.

SLIDES and Live Backgrounds

Creating impressive animated websites is now easier using SLIDES. Integration with Slider Revolution gives almost unlimited opportunities for creativity. Use SLIDES to promote your products or services. I would also like to mention Live Backgrounds, with their help you can significantly improve the impression of the page.

Sidebars and Widgets

The sidebar is used to place widgets. In the LEVELUP theme, the sidebar can be assigned by default to all pages or each page individually and specify the side of the placement. In short, widgets allow you to display useful and functional features on a web page. Functions such as search functions, links to relevant posts and blog archives.

Built-in Mega Menu

The LEVELUP theme comes with built-in mega menu options. With this feature you can create menus with grouped structures up to six columns for better usability. What’s more, you can customize anything: size, background with images, icons, indents and more.

Lifetime Updates

Our specialists and engineers working on the development of the theme, as well as troubleshooting bugs and compatibility with popular plug-ins, regularly make updates, which can get our clients for free.

First-Class Support

We try to provide highly qualified support to our clients on time and in full. We would like to note at once that the terms and conditions of basic support are described in the purchase agreement of the theme.

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