Are you dreaming of a really successful career? Are you struggling with all odds to make the next big step? Are you passionately willing to make a sustainable change in your life (and the world)? Well, the list for you to follow is pretty simple and short:

1. Respect

Everyone! Not just the top customers, the shareholders and the high level colleagues and partners. Also the cleaning lady, the receptionist and the courier-man! They are all human beings that do deserve your respect. Do not forget to respect diversity practically, too.

2. Listen

Actively and out of your own thoughts! Let the others speak, too! Everybody has something useful to contribute. Listen more intensively to those who do not praise you all the time. Let people challenge you. Give them the chance to provide you with constructive feedback; you absolutely need it to move on!

3. Trust

You first! Start by giving trust; then check if you did well. If facts prove that you didn’t, remove your trust asap. There is rarely a second chance for anybody.

4. Share

Your knowledge, experience, info, vision, opinion, contacts, wins, successes. The joy you’ll experience by sharing is incomparable. Plus you won’t feel alone in your career journey.

5. Recognize

Sincerity, positive attitude, hard work, loyalty, team spirit, unconditional offer. Admit your mistakes and take corrective action as soon as possible. Recognize that you’re not the best in every field; other people might be better than you. Spot their impact and be grateful to them.

6. Reward

Those who try hard and achieve goals, those who deliver under obscure circumstances; not those who always promise and then find excuses for not having met the targets. Reward generously. It’s worthwhile and it pays back!

7. Fight

Every day with passion! Go ahead, stay in front. Try. Then try harder. Cooperate. Fight your fears, identify your shortcomings and make your best to improve. Fight for the common good not just for your bank account.

8. Innovate

In all aspects, in all areas. Small tasks and big assignments. Take risks, try something new, go ahead of your competition, dare to challenge your habits. Re-view, re-design, re-build. Understand the new reality, adapt to it, re-engineer it.

9. Be resilient

Take it for granted: you cannot always thrive, you cannot make the right decisions each time you need to “pick a path”, you are not “unmistaken”. You will undoubtedly need to bend many times, but your greatness will only prove if you can stand up again – with knees bleeding, of course.

10. (and most of all) Be authentic

You do not have to play any roles, you should not pretend to be someone else. Be yourself. Be your mere self with all the strengths and the weaknesses you carry as a personality. After all, you’re not supposed to be an actor/actress. But you are supposed to perform. Keep in mind that people will remember you for what you really are, what you really practice in your everyday life.

Are these the rules? Just these? 10 simple rules to achieve what every professional is dreaming of? Well, the rules for a LIFE LONG successful career, YES; the rules for just a “successful” career, NO. Short term “successful” careers (or “successful” people) are built all around you without exercising the above; they are not necessary. LIFE LONG successful careers require endless effort and sincere caring, but they reward you with the delight that you have positively contributed to other people’s lives … during and after your course.

If you want to measure your success on real human parameters, if you want to build a fulfilling career and life, then yes, you have to incorporate those 10 rules in your everyday run-through. If you just want to be “successful”, you know exactly what to do already; it’s practiced widely around you.

It’s just a matter of choice!

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